Look I get it for real we just do what we can to survive the day in motherhood. I want to show you a little simple mod. See how I look super fly on the left with my bottom sticking out all sassy? Well this position, although super cute with the babe, overtime may place some stress on the hip and pelvic girdle.  This MOM STANCE (aka mall girl stance) may create a difference in length in certain muscle groups…aka the pelvic floor. Maybe you have noticed some leaking when you move, sneeze or laugh. Maybe you have noticed pain in your back or around your tailbone. Are you holding baby like this? What can you do different? I tried a bit different position on the right. It may not be perfect but it does help take stress off of my hip and pelvic girdle.

Other thoughts:

  • Move baby midline
  • Use a supportive carrier
  • Switch sides
  • Take breaks from holding baby in the same position for more than 5-10 min at a time.

Often times simple adjustments can mean the difference in having pain or other symptoms.

What could you try different when carrying your baby or toddler? Join me on facebook or instagram to share your cute pictures of holding your sweet babe(s).

Dr. Rach xoxo